Direct Marketing

Make your business stand out, gets people's attention, you'll get exactly what you need


Direct Marketing

Direct mail is direct marketing in which businesses send letters, postcards or other promotional materials to past, current or potential customers or clients. Direct mail campaigns may be targeted to either a consumer or business or both. The mailing is directed to a target demographic (i.e. home owners) or geographic market (i.e. a specific neighborhood). In most cases, it's mass or bulk mailing, but you can send direct mail in smaller quantities as well.

Pros of Direct Mail:
• Effective at getting a response if well-written and speaks directly to your target market.
• Bulk mailing costs less than regular mail.
• Results can be tracked.


  • Make your business stand out
  • Gets people's attention
  • You'll get exactly what you need

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Bgraphic is a 100% veteran, woman-owned and operated company based in Dallas, Texas.

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