Human Powered, Photo Editing Services


Advanced Photoshop Services

We've all seen the magical things that can be done with Photoshop. And we've all had photos that turned out badly that we wish we could fix. Bgraphic offers photo retouching, enhancement, and manipulation services. We can do just about anything to a photo that you require, just ask. Click any of the thumbnails below to see examples of before Photoshop and after Photoshop.

Human Powered Photo Editing Services

We provide all kinds of photo editing services for a vast variety of purposes, including editing face and body photos, retouching social networking profile photos, polishing business photos, fix vehicles and real estate photos, editing children and baby, animal and nature photos, etc.

Yes, our designers can change backgrounds, correct lighting & colors, slim body, adjust face, smooth hair, remove acne & freckles, remove shadows or glares, improve skin texture, add lip gloss, whiten teeth, define eyes, repair old photos.

Take a look at our examples, and you will see many other ideas and creative elements can be applied to your photos too. That's a unique service which you can never find in anywhere else at such low price and such short turnaround time. Our professional artists understand your photos better than any kind of software. They rely on clever hands and sophisticated brains to bring you something that stands out.


  • Photoshop Retouching
  • Background or Object Removing
  • Color and lighting correction
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Beauty retouching
  • Reshaping body figure
  • Removing facial blemishes
  • Merge Photos
  • Change backgrounds
  • Red-eye Removal
  • Cropping and Resizing

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Bgraphic is a 100% veteran, woman-owned and operated company based in Dallas, Texas.

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